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Fresh Marketing: ZKONG Sparkle ESLs Enable Dual Wins in Conversion and Experience

Recently, Hengda Life Plaza, a subsidiary of Hengda Commercial Chain, grandly opened in the First Comprehensive Agricultural Market in Taikang County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province. Upholding the business philosophy of “Enjoy Quality Life at Hengda Shopping,” Hengda adopted the ZKONG Sparkle series of electronic shelf labels, which boosted the supermarket fresh produce marketing scenario to achieve wins in both conversion and experience, enhancing brand image and market competitiveness.

Neat and aesthetic display, enhancing the brand’s competitiveness

ZKONG Sparkle series of electronic shelf labels is a price tag product tailor-made for fresh produce marketing scenarios. Fresh is a special category among supermarket products, as its price is significantly influenced by daily market trends and freshness. Therefore, frequent price changes of the fresh are necessary but tedious daily tasks for supermarket staff.

When using traditional paper price tags, supermarket staff need to quickly produce new labels, navigate through fresh produce shelves to find and replace old price labels and implement adjusted promotional strategies. However, such frequent changes are time-consuming and prone to errors, inadvertently missing promotional opportunities, and resulting in losses in turnover.

By using the ZKONG Sparkle series of electronic shelf labels, supermarket staff can preset multiple display pages for the same product. Through the SaaS cloud management platform, they can quickly refresh the digital signage with a simple click, enabling the timely implementation of progressive promotional strategies, and ensuring the maximum profit gain.

In addition, the Sparkle digital signage features an IP65 level of dust and waterproof protection, easily adapting to the humid environment of the fresh produce area, effectively avoiding situations where traditional paper price tags are damaged or dirty, affecting the customer experience. Modern, high-tech, neat, and aesthetically pleasing displays empower the brand image upgrade and enhance market competitiveness.

Rich full-color display, realizing dual wins in conversion and experience
While solving the issue of frequent price changes for fresh produce, the Sparkle series of cloud electronic shelf labels present product content more comprehensively and richly.

Taking the ZKS101D with a 10.1-inch screen as an example, its ultra-narrow 7.1mm frame design maximizes the screen display area, abundantly showcasing product prices, promotions, traceability information, consumption methods, recommended matches, etc. Detailed product information and related product recommendations are presented in formats such as text, images, and videos with high-resolution and clear content to attract consumer attention.

Consumers can more easily understand product features and application scenarios, enhancing their purchasing intention and thus improving the shopping experience. Furthermore, through multi-angle rich information display, consumers can more accurately understand whether the product meets their needs, reducing the return rate due to purchase errors, and also promoting the conversion of recommended related products. Overall, the Sparkle series of cloud electronic shelf labels improve the efficiency and accuracy of product information transmission and achieve dual value addition in consumer shopping conversion and experience.

With the increasing consumer demand for a better life, supermarkets and other retail enterprises are working tirelessly to plan product operations under new consumption trends, and continuously upgrading and perfecting sales services and experiences. ZKONG is also constantly expanding the features and applications of electronic price tags, to co-create a better future for intelligent retail.

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