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Sparking a Wave of Innovation in Retail Technology, ZKONG Makes Its Debut at the Retail Asia Conference & Expo

Yesterday (May 10th), the Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE) grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. As Asia’s leading retail exhibition, this Conference and expo features three key areas: retail technology, retail design and in-store equipment, and online retail. There are also numerous professional seminars and joint business events, attracting many major retailers and buyers to discuss retail market trends and seize new retail opportunities.

ZKONG makes its first appearance at the RACE, showcasing the industry-leading electronic shelf labels and in-store marketing solutions and sharing global customer cases and cutting-edge application results, to spark an innovative trend in ESL retail technology.

Many industry professionals stop by booth 5F-D01, where ZKONG’s onsite staff demonstrate their products and solutions, helping retailers solve problems in opening more sales channels in the new retail digitization and intelligence norm.

ZKONG displays a full range of electronic shelf labels, such as the Sparkle series ZKS101D and ZKS101P customized for fresh product marketing scenarios, the ultra-thin Blade series, and the new generation of four-color electronic shelf labels Essence series. ZKONG is committed to innovative development, combining cutting-edge ESL technology with the retail industry, continuously optimizing cloud ESL products, and providing comprehensive smart retail solutions for the retail industry.

The Sparkle series ESL ZKS101D attracts attention with its unique double-sided screen design and rich material library. This series supports a free combination of files in various formats such as text, images, videos, and webpages, presenting the price, specifications, origin, consumption methods, etc., of fresh products from multiple angles, providing consumers with a full-color, vivid, scenario-based shopping experience for fresh products, and improving shopping satisfaction.

The Blade series stands out with its ultra-thin appearance and ultra-fast refresh rate. This series overcomes the limitations of the ultra-thin volume on the performance of electronic shelf labels and has a 180° viewing angle, fully satisfying consumers’ pursuit of visual experience.

The new generation four-color ESL maintains the “thin” positioning, equipped with “China Core”. The Essence series has super high integration and ultra-low power consumption, supports any combination of black, white, red, and yellow colors, satisfies the needs of retailers to use color marketing strategies, and is suitable for more diverse environments.

Onsite, ZKONG staff also demonstrate the SaaS cloud management platform based on true cloud architecture. In the SaaS application layer, the retail does not need local installation, just one ZKONG cloud platform can efficiently manage ZKONG electronic shelf labels, digital signage, and other ZKONG devices in multiple stores. At the same time, ZKONG supports various cloud deployment methods, which can maximize the user’s deployment needs at various levels and the implementation of business strategies, providing stable, agile, and cost-effective IoT smart retail solutions for various industries.

In the future, ZKONG will continue to uphold the concept of innovative development, maintain forward-thinking in cloud electronic shelf label technology and expand product series and applications. ZKONG is committed to assisting the comprehensive new retail innovation and upgrades and leading the future of retail technology.

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